The 2022 Season Will Feature a League-High of 137 Members and Welcome 29 Expansion Teams
Published Feb 4, 2022


OKLAHOMA CITY (February 4, 2022) – The Women’s Premier Soccer League unveiled today its 2022 Roster of Teams and Alignment. With the announcement, the league welcomes 108 returning Members and 29 Expansion Teams. Over the past decade, the WPSL has embraced an average growth rate of 8.7 percent.




For the 2022 season, the WPSL will feature 16 Conferences and 14 Divisions divided among four Regions. While the alignment landscape is a familiar one, there have been notable changes made for the upcoming season.

The West Region will see the return of the Northwest Conference, which took a hiatus in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions in the Pacific Northwest region. Four expansion teams have joined the region and will play among the Desert, PAC North, and SO CAL Conferences – Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club, Napa Valley 1839 FC, Academica SC, and MISS KICK FC. League veterans, California Storm and the San Francisco Nighthawks return for their 24th WPSL season.


The Central Region features the league’s most members (40) and expansion teams (13). The region also includes new conferences – Ohio Valley Conference, which has been realigned from the East, and the Midwest Conference. With the return of the West’s Northwest Conference, the Central Region gains the Mountain Conference back and the Red River Conference has been realigned to the South Region.




The biggest adjustments for the South Region are the omission of the Carolina Conference’s divisions from 2021 and the addition of the Red River Conference. The South Region will also welcome seven expansion teams, with at least one expansion team in each of its conferences.


The massive growth for the East Region in 2021 has led to much-needed adjustments for the new season, which will see realignments of the Metropolitan Conference with the omission of its former divisions. The East Region will also feature a brand new conference – Northeastern Conference, which will include teams from Vermont, Rhode Island, and upper New York.





Stay tuned for the release of the 2022 Schedule which will be unveiled March 14 – March 17.