Published May 10, 2024

With seven teams ranked in the Preseason National Power Rankings Top 25—including number one ranked Ambassadors Cleveland—there is little drop off within the region’s top 10 rated teams in 2024. Half of the East Region’s Preseason Top 10 teams hail from the Mid-Atlantic Conference, whose winner will be decided between the Colonial and Commonwealth divisions. Play in the Colonial Division will be particularly contentious with three teams in the Preseason Top 10, with competition peaking when the Colonial Division winner squares off with the Commonwealth Division winner. 


1.           AMBASSADORS CLEVELAND  Great Lakes Conference — Great River Division

After six WPSL seasons without a regular season loss, including a perfect 8-0-0 conference record in 2023, Ambassadors are the team to beat in the newly configured Great River Division as they enter 2024 ranked number on in both the regional and national rankings. 

              Schedule — *Ranked Opponent (Regional Ranking)

May 24 Corktown WFC
June 9 @ (8) Columbus Eagles FC
June 12 Beadling Soccer Club
June 16 @ Corktown WFC
June 21 Greater Toledo Futbol Club
June 26 @ Beadling Soccer Club
June 28 (8) Columbus Eagles FC
June 30 @ Greater Toledo Futbol Club



2.           CLARKSTOWN SOCCER CLUB  Northeastern Conference

Unbeaten in 2023 and winners of the always competitive Northeastern Convergence, Clarkstown is picking up right where they left off in 2023: ranked eighth nationally and second in the East. Clarkstown tallied an impressive 32 goals in 2023—14 more than any other team in the conference—conceding only four enroute to an East Region championship match appearance. 

Schedule — *Ranked Opponent (Regional Ranking)
May 22 @ Force FC New York
*June 1 (5) Rhode Island Rogues
June 8 Merrimack Valley Hawks FC
June 9 New York Shockers
June 15 @ Merrimack Valley Hawks FC
June 21 @ New York Shockers
June 25 Force FC New York
*June 29 @ (5) Rhode Island Rogues


3.           SJEB FC  Mid-Atlantic Conference — Colonial Division

WPSL Championships semifinalists in 2022 and Colonial Division winners in 2023, SJEB enter its fourth WPSL season favored to claim the Mid-Atlantic Conference. The South Jersey-based club tallied an astounding 46 goals in eight games enroute to an 8-1-0 record in the 2023 season.

Schedule — *Ranked Opponent (Regional Ranking)

May 28 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
June 2 @ Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
*June 7 (6) Penn Fusion SA
June 9 @ Fever SC
June 15 Delaware Ospreys
*June 18 @ (6) Penn Fusion SA
June 21 Fever SC
June 23 West-Mont United
*June 25 @ (10) Real Central NJ
June 27 @ Delaware Ospreys


4.           DOWNTOWN UNITED SOCCER CLUB  Metropolitan Conference

Winners of the Metropolitan Conference the last two seasons, DUSC finished 2023 unbeaten at 6-0-2. The NYC-based club enters 2024 ranked 11thh in the National Power Rankings, two spots higher than the club finished 2023, and one of seven East Region teams ranked in the national top 25. 

June 8 @ STA
June 9 STA
June 15 New York Dutch Lions FC
June 16 SUSA FC
June 19 Brooklyn City F.C.
June 21 @ Bew York Dutch Lions FC
June 23 @ New York Athletic Club
June 29 @ NJ Wizards SC


5.           RHODE ISLAND ROGUES  Northeastern Conference

The Rogues rode a wildcard entrance into the East Region playoffs all the way to the WPLS Championships, knocking off Northeastern Conference champions, Clarkstown Soccer Club 2-1 in the East Region playoffs final before falling in the WPSL Championships semifinals.

Schedule — *Ranked Opponent (Regional Ranking)

May 18 @ New York Shockers
May 25 Merrimack Valley Hawks FC
* June 1 @ (2) Clarkstown Soccer Club
June 8 @ Force FC New York
June 15 Force FC New York
June 22 @ Merrimack Valley Hawks FC
*June 29 (2) Clarkstown Soccer Club
July 6 New York Shockers


6.           PENN FUSION SA  Mid-Atlantic Conference — Colonial Division

Penn Fusion SA looks to build on its second place Colonial Division fishing in 2023, going 7-2-0 in division play. Entering its eighth WPSL season, the West Chester, Pa.-based club is an impressive 52-6-7 all-time. The club finished 2023 ranked 16th nationally and 5th in the East. 

Schedule — *Ranked Opponent (Regional Ranking)

May 22 West-Mont United
May 29 Fever SC
June 5 @ West-Mont United
*June 7 @ (3) SJEB FC
*June 9 (10) Real Central NJ
June 15 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
*June 18 (3) SJEB FC
June 20 @ Delaware Ospreys
June 29 @ Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
July 2 @ Fever SC


7.            PA CLASSICS  Mid-Atlantic Conference — Commonwealth Division

Keystone Division winners with an 8-1-1 record in 2023, PA Classics are again favorites to claim a division title, this time in the newly configured Commonwealth Division. Entering its third WPSL season, the club is 14-3-1 all-time, finishing 2023 ranked seventh in the East and 20th nationally. 

Schedule — *Ranked Opponent (Regional Ranking)

May 18 @ Keystone FC
My 29 Hershey FC
*June 3 (9) Reading United A.C.
June 6 @ LVU Rush
June 8 @ HEX FC Tempest
June 11 HEX FC Tempest
June 15 @ Hershey FC
June 25 LVU Rush
*June 28 (9) @ Reading United A.C.
June 30 Keystone FC


8.            COLUMBUS EAGLES FC  Great Lakes Conference — Great River Division

Division winners in the Central Region with a 6-1-1 record in 2023, the Eagles move to the East Region’s Great River Division for the 2024 season. Columbus is the most tenured club in the Great Lakes Conference, entering its 10th WPSL season with a 25-42-14 all-time WPSL record.

             Schedule — *Ranked Opponent (Regional Ranking)

May 19 @ Corktown WFC
June 1 @ Breadling Soccer Club
June 2 @ Greater Toledo Futbol Club
*June 9 (1) Ambassadors Cleveland
June 15 Corktown WFC
June 16 Badling Soccer Club
June 23 Greater Toledo Futbol Club
*June 28 @ (1) Ambassadors Cleveland


9.           READING UNITED A.C.   Mid-Atlantic — Commonwealth Division

Finishing 7-1-2 in its debut WPSL season, Reading United looks to build on its second-place finish in the reconfigured Commonwealth Division. Averaging two goals per game, Reading finished 2023 ranked 19th nationally and 6th in the East Region. 

Schedule — *Ranked Opponent (Regional Ranking)

May 20 @ Hershey FC
May 24 LVU Rush
May 31 HEX FC Tempest
*June 3 @ (7) Pennsylvania Classics
June 7 Keystone FC
June 9 @ LVU Rush
June 13 @ HEX FC Tempest
June 19 @ Keystone FC
June 22 Hershey FC
*June 29 (7) Pennsylvania Classics


10.        REAL CENTRAL NJ Mid-Atlantic — Colonial Division

Finishing third in what was arguably the most competitive division in the East Region in 2023, Real Central NJ looks to build on its 5-3-2 record in the new Colonial Division. The Lawrenceville, N.J.-based club finished the 2023 season ranked 9th in the East Region. 

              Schedule — *Ranked Opponent (Regional Ranking)

May 19 West-Mont United
May 24 Delaware Ospreys
May 30 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
June 4 @ Delaware Ospreys
*June 9 @ (6) Penn Fusion SA
June 11 @ Fever SC
June 17 @ Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
June 21 @ West-Mont United
*June 25 (3) SJEB FC
June 30 Fever SC 


Rankings are compiled by RankR, featuring the Elo Ranking System, an objective, performance based ranking order based on record, goals for and against, match location, relative strength of opponent, and playoff matches. To avoid any subjective or biased results, human voting is not part of the Elo Ranking System process.