Published May 10, 2024

The Preseason National and Regional Power Rankings, sponsored by SouthStar Systems, are out as the WPSL gets set to kick off its 26th season on May 10. A handful of upstarts join perennial powerhouses in this year’s National Preseason Top 10, with Ambassadors Cleveland—which has yet to lose a regular season match since joining the league in 2021—in the top spot followed by 2023 WPSL Champions, Charlotte Eagles at number two and 2022 champs, California Storm at number three.

Rankings are compiled by RankR, featuring the Elo Ranking System, an objective, performance-based ranking order based on record, goals for and against, match location, relative strength of opponent, and playoff matches. To avoid any subjective or biased results, human voting is not part of the Elo Ranking System process.

Here are the 2024 Preseason National Top 10:

East Region | Great Lakes Conference — Great River Division

In three WPSL seasons, the Ambassadors have yet to lose a regular season match, posting an astounding 20-0-3 all-time WPSL record. In 2023, the club went a perfect 8-0-0 in conference play, outscoring opponents 51-3 to finish the regular season ranked No.1 in the East Region and No. 2 in the National Power Rankings.

—2024 Preseason East Region Rank: 1st
—2023 Record: 8-0-0
—2023 National Ranking: 2nd
—2023 East Region Rank: 1st

South Region | Atlantic Conference — Carolinas Division

In the 26-year history of the WPSL, no team has ever repeated as champions. The Charlotte Eagles look to be the first. Charlotte surprised just about everyone in its championship run last season, entering the WPSL Championship series in Stillwater, Okla. ranked 17th in the National Power Rankings—fourth in the South Region. The Eagles toppled the South Region No. 1 ranked Nashville Rhythm F.C. in the South Region Finals, the East Region champions Rhode Island Rogues in the WPSL Championship Semifinal, and the 11th ranked Salvo FC in the Championship Finals, 1-0 enroute to the league title.

—2024 Preseason South Region Rank: 1st
—2023 Record: 5-1-2
—2023 National Ranking: 17th
—2023 South Region Rank: 4th


West Region | Pac North Conference

Ranked No. 1 in the West Region entering 2024, co-founding WPSL member California Storm enters the club’s 26th WPSL season where it finished in 2023. After hoisting the Jerry Zanelli Cup in 2022 — named in memory of WPSL founder and longtime coach — and going 8-1-0 in Pac North conference play, the Storm fell to Desert Conference winners, SC del Sol in the West Region Finals. Always one of the most competitive conferences, the Pac North Conference features three clubs ranked in the Top 25 Preseason National Power Ranking and four in the West Conference Top 10.

—2024 Preseason West Region Rank: 1st
—2023 Record: 8-1-0
—2023 National Ranking: 3rd
—2023 West Region Rank: 1st

Central Region | Northern Conference

The Minnesota-based club enters its fifth WPSL season in the No. 4 spot nationally and No. 1 in the Central Region after an impressive run to the WPSL Championship Final last season before falling in heartbreaking fashion to the Charlotte Eagles 1-0. Salvo SC finished the 2023 regular season ranked 11th nationally and fifth in the Central Region with a 6-0-2 in the Northern Conference, which is one of the most competitive conferences in the WPSL.

—2024 Preseason Central Region Rank: 1st
—2023 Record: 6-0-2
—2023 National Ranking: 11th
—2023 Central Region Rank: 5th

Central Region | Northern Conference
Unbeaten in 2023 in the ultra-competitive Northern Conference, the Minnesota Thunder finished third nationally and second in the Central Region, outscoring opponents 49-8. The only blemish on the Thunder’s impressive 7-0-1 regular season record was a 1-1 draw at home versus crosstown rival, Salvo SC. Entering its fourth WPSL season, the club has amassed a 20-2-3 record.

—2024 Preseason Central Region Rank: 2nd
—2023 Record: 7-0-1
—2023 National Ranking: 5th
—2023 Central Region Rank: 2nd

Central Region | Midwest Conference — Lake Michigan Division

Suffering just one regular season loss in 2023 enroute to a 7-1-0 record and the Midwest Conference title, FC Milwaukee Torrent finished ranked seventh nationally and third in the Central Region. Entering the club’s fifth WPSL season, the Torrent is 17-9-12 overall. Milwaukee is the only Lake Michigan Division team to crack the National Power Rankings Top 25 or the Central Region Top 10.

—2024 Preseason Central Region Rank: 3rd
—2023 Record: 7-1-0
—2023 National Ranking: 7th
—2023 Central Region Rank: 3rd

South Region | Southeast Conference

Entering its seventh WPSL season, Nashville Rhythm F.C. is no stranger to WPSL success— advancing to the South Region Playoffs for the past two years and the WPSL Championship series in 2022, where the club fell in the semifinals to eventual champions, California Storm 1-0. Nashville went unbeaten in Southeast Conference play in 2023, going 7-0-1, before falling, again to the eventually WPSL champions, Charlotte Eagles, in a 5-4 thriller in the South Region Playoffs Final. The Rhythm finished 2023 ranked sixth in the NPR and No. 1 in the South Region.

—2024 Preseason South Region Rank: 2nd
—2023 Record: 7-0-1
—2023 National Ranking: 6th
—2023 Central Region Rank: 1st

East Region | Northeastern Conference

In just two seasons in the WPSL, Clarkstown Soccer Club has become a dominate force in the Northeastern Conference. Unbeaten in the 2023 regular season, Clarkstown posted an impressive 8-0-2 record enroute to its first East Region Playoff appearance. Clarkston Soccer Club picks right up where it left off, entering the 2024 season ranked eighth in the National Power Rankings and second in the East Region, exactly how the club finished 2023.

—2024 Preseason East Region Rank: 2nd
—2023 Record: 8-0-2
—2023 National Ranking: 8th
—2023 East Region Rank: 2nd

East Region | Mid-Atlantic Conference — Colonial Division

SJEB FC looks to continue its dominance of the Mid-Atlantic Conference in its fourth WPSL season. The New Jersey-based club finished 2023 ranked 12th nationally and third in the East Region with only one regular season loss (8-1-0). SJEB FC has improved by one position in each of the previous three seasons.

—2024 Preseason East Region Rank: 3rd
—2023 Record: 8-1-0
—2023 National Ranking: 12th
—2023 East Region Rank: 3rd

Central Region  | Heartland Conference

Winners of the Central Region’s Heartland Conference in 2023, the Courage finished the 2023 regular season 7-0-3, ranked fourth in the Central Region, and earned its first trip to the Central Region Playoffs. The Courage finished 2023 ranked tenth nationally and No. 4 in the region.

—2024 Preseason Central Region Rank: 4th
—2023 Record: 7-0-3
—2023 National Ranking: 10th
—2023 East Region Rank: 4th

11. Downtown United Soccer Club (East)
12. Utah Avalanche (Central)
13. Rhode Island Rogues (East)
14. Penn Fusion SA (East)
15. San Diego Surf (West)
16. PA Classics (East)
17. FC Dayton (Central)
18. Lamorinda United (West)
19. Fresno Freeze (West)
20. West Florida Flames (South)
21. SC del Sol (West)
22. LA Surf Soccer Club (West)
23. Seminole Ice (South)
24. Sioux Falls City FC (Central)
25. FC Prime (South)