Week 6
Published Jun 19, 2024

There is lots of upward movement in Week 6 beneath No. 1-ranked Arlington Soccer, which held onto its top spot for the second straight week: UFA Gunners moved into the No. 3 spot, trading places with the Charlotte Eagles. Expansion side, McLean Soccer jumped back into the Top 10 in the No. 8 spot. DECATUR FC suffered the biggest drop of the week going from No. 4 to 10. 




Atlantic Conference — The District Division

Week 5 Rank: 1

Holding at No. 1 for a second straight week, the expansion side stumbled for the first time this year, drawing McLean Soccer 0-0 at home. Kate Hawley (University of Maryland) leads the club with four goals on the season, followed by Ellie Stokes (Colgate University) with three. Averaging three goals a game, Arlington has scored 15 times, conceding only once, which came in Week 1, against an emergency fill-in goalkeeper. After four straight games to open the season on the road, Arlington plays out the season at home. 

Next Up — Arlington Soccer hosts Alexandria Reds (0-4-1, 1 pt.) Friday, June 21, followed by UK F.C. (3-3-0, 9 pts.) Saturday, June 22. 


2. UFA GUNNERS (4-0-1)

Southeast Conference

Week 5 Rank: 3

The only blemish in the UFA Gunners record so far this season is a 2-2 draw at No. 4 865 Alliance to open the season. The Gunners moved up one spot in Week 6 thanks to a 6-2 win at Chattanooga FC. Jordynn Dudley (Florida State University) leads the Gunners with five goals on the season, followed by Autumn Cayelli (University of South Carolina) with four goals and Cuyler Zulauf (University of South Carolina) with three.

Next Up — UFA Gunners travel to the Georgia Impact (2-1-1, 7 pts.) on Wednesday, June 18, and host FC Birmingham (1-5-0, 3 pts.) on Saturday, June 22.



Atlantic Conference — Carolinas Division

Week 5 Rank: 2

A 2-0 road win over Neuse River Futbol Alliance was not enough to keep the defending WPSL champs in the No. 2 spot for a second week running. The Eagles are in a tight race for the Carolinas Division title with No. 7 Port City FC. The two clubs split the series with a win apiece. Taylor Suarez (Florida State University), Emmi Dunn (post-collegiate) and Ashley Merrill (post-collegiate) all lead the club in scoring with two goals each. 

Next Up — Charlotte Eagles host the return match versus Neuse River Futbol Alliance (1-4-0) on Saturday, June 22. 


4. 865 ALLIANCE (4-0-1)

Southeast Conference

Week 5 Rank: 5

A difficult 2-1 win at Decatur FC pushed the Knoxville, Tenn.—based club up one spot from last week. The Alliance sits in third place in the Southeast Conference, level with No. 2 UFA Gunners on points but trailing in goal differential. Jordynn Kayla Barr (University of Memphis) leads the club in scoring with four goals.

Up Next — In a match for the top spot in the conference, 865 Alliance hosts No. 5 Nashville Rhythm (5-1-0) Saturday, June 22.



Southeast Conference

Week 5 Rank: 6

The former No. 1, Nashville recovered from its 3-0 loss to the UFA Ginners with a overwhelming 7-0 Nashville derby win over FC Nashville Wolves in Week 6. Angeline Kieh (post-collegiate) leads the club with six goals, followed by Maddie Padelski (University of Alabama). 

Next Up — Nashville travels to Knoxville for a do-or-die match Saturday, June 22 at No. 4 865 Alliance.



Sunshine Conference

Week 5 Rank: 7

A point out of first place with a bye week ahead, West Florida Flames moved up one spot from last week on the strength of a 1-0 home win over the Cape Coral Cyclones last Saturday. Sydney Weslowski and Sydni Dennis lead the club with two goals each, while six other players have tallied a goal this season. 

Next Up — After a Week 7 bye week, West Florida returns to action with a Week 8 double-headed, hosting the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Saturday, June 29, then travels to face Fusion FC on Sunday, June 30.  


7. PORT CITY FC (4-1-0)

Atlantic Conference — Carolinas Division

Week 5 Rank: 8

The expansion side has had quite an inaugural WPSL season, beating reigning WPSL champs, Charlotte Eagles, in Week 4. The two clubs are level at the top of the table with 12 points each, with Charlotte ahead in goal differential by a single goal. Corine Gregory (Brown University) leads the club with four goals on the season. 

Up Next — Port City FC travels for a midweek clash at Women’s Football Club of Charlotte (2-3-0, 6 pts.) on Wednesday, June 19. 


8. FC PRINE (4-1-1)

Sunshine Conference

Week 5 Rank: 10

Up two spots from last week thanks to a 5-0 road win at Fusion FC, FC Prime is riding a two-game win streak atop the Sunshine Conference table, one point ahead of No. 6 West Florida Flames. Emily Thompson (University of Central Florida) leads the conference in scoring with five goals on the season. 

Next Up — FC Prime host Seminole Ice (2-1-1, 7 pts.) Saturday, June 22. 


9. MCLEAN SOCCER (4-1-1)

Atlantic Conference — The District Division

Week 5 Rank: Unranked 

The expansion side is level with No. 1-ranked Arlington Soccer with 13 points at the top of The District Division table, playing them to a 0-0 draw in the second match of the series last week. Ava Nucci (University of Arizona) leads the division with five goals, followed by Gabriella Terrell (Howard University) and Evelyn Javers (Columbia University) with four. 

Next Up — McLean Soccer is idle this week. The club is back in action in Week 8 on Thursday, June 27 versus Washington Dutch Lions FC and on the road Saturday June 29 at Alexandria Reds. 


10. DECATUR FC (3-1-1)

Southeast Conference

Week 5 Rank: 4

Drawing record-setting crowds all season, a tough 2-1 loss at home dropped the expansion side down six spots after peaking at No. 4. Becky Contreras (Auburn University) leads the club with four goals. Five points out of first place in the conference, with games against No. 5 Nashville Rhythm F.C. and No. 2 UFA Gunners, in weeks 8 and 9, Decatur FC still has a shot at the conference title. 

UP Next — Decatur FC travels to Chattanooga FC (1-3-0, 3 pts.) Sunday, June 23.