Published Jun 23, 2024

Written By:  Jenny Ellis


Minnesota Thunder Versus Dakota Fusion FC



At 4:00 PM (CDT) on Sunday, June 23, 2024, WPSL fans can look forward to an interesting match at Providence Academy between Minnesota Thunder and Dakota Fusion FC. 

This particular game will surely encompass narratives of redemption, an air of unpredictability, and could create new result patterns that differ from previous years.

During the 2023 season, Thunder dominated over Fusion FC in a 11-0 victory, capping off its strong season with a 7-0-1 record. 

That victory not only sealed its dominance and earned it a conference championship, but it also underscored Dakota Fusion’s struggles, who ended its season at the bottom of the table, struggling to win a game.

The 2024 season, however, tells a different story. 

Minnesota Thunder, once the domineering force of the Northern Conference, now finds itself in third place with four wins and three losses heading into Week 7 of the regular season. 

Thunder’s record shows glimpses of its former dominance but also major inconsistency. Its performance thus far in 2024 suggests vulnerability, something Fusion will definitely be eager to exploit.

Dakota Fusion FC, on the other hand, has shown significant improvement from its 2023 season. 

From a winless record it has risen to seventh place this year and after five matches in, is already ahead of last season with securing its first win with many more matches to play. 

Its journey this season is a testament to its determination to redeem itself from last year. 

This perseverance will continue to be pushed as Fusion faces No. 2 Sioux Falls City FC on Friday, June 21, at 7:00 PM (CDT). With this match’s result surely also setting the stage for this impending clash with Thunder over the weekend.

Despite their current standings, both teams face pressure as they head into wrapping up regular season play. 

For Thunder, this game is crucial to reaffirm its status as a top contender in the conference and regain the momentum lost during the middle of this year's season. 

For Dakota Fusion FC, this match presents an opportunity to rewrite the narrative of its tremendous loss to Thunder last year and make a statement that could move it up the standings.

Given Thunder’s underwhelming performance this season and Dakota Fusion’s upward trend in game results, this match will make for an interesting clash. The potential for a tight match or even a major upset is possible.

As the teams prepare to face off, will Thunder continue its dominance, or will Fusion pull out an unexpected triumph? 



Other games happening this weekend include two Saturday night matches starting with Manitou F.C. vs. Joy AC at 7:00 PM (CDT), followed up by MapleBrook Fury vs. St. Croix Legacy at 8:00 PM (CDT). On Sunday, Sioux Falls City FC will host Mankato United Soccer Club at 6:00 PM (CDT) and Rochester United FC will face No. 1 Salvo SC at 7:00 PM (CDT).  

These games, and more will be livestreamed on WPSL TV, so fans won’t miss any major action.